ICL celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. We have produced quality crystal optics for spectroscopy and CO2 lasers since 1962. ICL operates a vertically integrated crystal optics production plant. We grow our own crystals and we are the only U.S. producer of KBr crystals.

ICL in recent years has made great strides in technological development of its KBr and other crystal products. Refinements in the process of purifying the crystal melt has resulted in a remarkable improvement of crystal quality throughout a typical boule. ICL KBr crystal not only has superior transmission properties, clear of excess interference bands as a result of boron, phosphates, and sulfates. Pure ICL Crystal is used in the worlds best spectrometer beam splitters, compensators, and windows. Production improvements in KCl and NaCl likewise have improved factory output and crystal quality, helping ICL stay a world leader in Infrared Transmission optical crystal growth.

We welcome the opportunity to quote on custom sized optics, coated optics, crystal and other optical materials not listed and optical assemblies such as beam splitters. We can produce optics from crystal materials such as CdMnTe, CdMnHgTe, CdZnTe, CdTe, Si, LiF, CsBr, AgBr, MgF2 as well as from glass and composition materials such as polyethylene, BK-7 and AMTIR.