Fluorolube® is a fluorinated hydrocarbon solvent that is ideal for sample preparation to be run from 4000 to 1360 cm-1 where it is non-absorbing, except at 2321.9 cm-1. This very high viscosity liquid will make virtually any sample adhere to a crystal substrate, making it ideal for preparing mulls with Real Crystal™ IR cards or with water polished crystal blanks. To prevent contamination, Fluorolube® comes in a convenient size squeeze bottle, which contains enough solvent to produce over 100 samples.


Nujol® is a high purity mineral oil that is used for the preparation of mull samples in the wavelength range of 1370 cm-1 to the far infrared, with only one absorption band at 720 cm-1. Nujol® is ideal for preparing mulls with Real Crystal™ IR Cards or salt crystals.

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