The Crystal Polishing Kit contains everything needed by the spectroscopist for repolishing and buffing most infrared transmission crystals and ATR Prisms including KRS-5.

Two ground glass discs are provided – one for fine grinding and the other to which self-stick polishing pads may be affixed. Supplied with the Polishing Kit are 400 and 600 grinding compound, Cerium Oxide polishing compound, KRS-5 polishing compound (ideal for resurfacing KRS-5 crystals), finger cots, 1 camel hair brush, 2 polishing pads, 2 ground glass plates, 5 polyethylene squeeze bottles with the above-mentioned compounds contained therein, fitted mahogany base and instructions.

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Product Options

Part No.DescriptionPrice
0009-492Crystal Polishing Kit$402.00
0009-2003Crystal Polishing Pads (1 pk/6)$72.00
0009-636400 Grinding Compound$42.60
0009-637600 Grinding Compound$42.60
0009-638Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound$42.60
0009-639KRS-5 Polishing Compound$42.60
0009-652Replacement Glass Polishing Plate$80.00
0009-631Finger Cots – Large (1 pk/12)$35.00
0009-4155Replacement Camel Hair Brushes (1 pk/3)$43.50
0009-45070.3 micron Aluminum Oxide Polishing Compound$87.60
0009-4521Alphalap Polishing Pads – 6″ green (1 pk/6)$90.00