ICL  proudly celebrated our 60th Anniversary in 2022.   We have produced quality crystal optics for spectroscopy and CO2 lasers since 1962. ICL operates a vertically integrated crystal optics production plant. We are a world leader in infrared crystal growth and fabrication of infrared spectroscopic optics and we are the only U.S. producer of KBr crystals.

ICL is one of the few businesses in the world that grows potassium bromide optical crystals, an essential component to manufacture beam splitters and transmission windows.  ICL expanded to dominate the KCl, NaCl market and is a key provider of many other IR crystals including ZnSe, BaF2, CaF2, IR Quartz among others.

Production improvements in KCl and NaCl likewise have improved factory output and crystal quality, helping ICL stay a world leader in infrared transmission optical crystal growth. We can produce optics from crystal materials such as CdMnTe, CdMnHgTe, CdZnTe, CdTe, Si, LiF, CsBr, AgBr, MgF2 and we manufacture or stock a wide variety of other transmission materials such as polyethylene, BK-7 and AMTIR.

ICL Acquired Gemini Scientific in 2012.  Gemini specialized in the manufacture of high quality gas cells for FTIR spectroscopy and FTIR Gas analysis.   ICL manufactures spectroscopy accessories as well as crystal optics and II-VI semiconductors for spectroscopy, lasers, optical isolators and other Faraday devices.  Included in our offerings are laboratory presses, dies and anvils for pellet making, crystal powders and cuttings, materials and blanks for optical fabrication and finished polished optics for accessories and consumables.

International Crystal Laboratories is dedicated to supplying the Applied Spectroscopy and Analytical Chemistry communities which includes FTIR manufacturers, re-sellers, OEM’s and end users with products of high quality and value and exceptional customer service and attention to detail.