ICL’s benchtop PID algorithm temperature controller is ideal for all applications in a spectroscopy lab.

We have used several of these units in our crystal growth R&D lab for years and have found them to be rugged, easy to use, portable, versatile and reliable. We recommend this unit for any application and it is designed to operate with our Heated Platens (0012-6664), Heated Vapor Gas Multi-Sampler (0008-5546), Heated Gas Cell (0008-7405), the Heater Jacket for our long path gas cells (0008-7329) and our Mars™, Mercury™, Venus™, Earth™ and Saturn™ Cells.

The temperature controller is keypad programmable and all electrical connections and outputs are from the rear. It can control loads up to 15 amps and is available in 115 volt and 230-volt versions, each of which operates at either 50 or 60 Hertz. Temperatures can be controlled within +/- 1.0° C or +/- 0.1% of the readout span.

Digital readouts are shown on an illuminated fluorescent display.   Sensor options are type J, K, N, R, S, T, B and E thermocouples.  Type J is standard and included with the unit.  Temperature can be displayed in °C, °F, °K, °Re, and °Ra.  The default setting is °C.

Programmable features include multiple profiles with multiple ramp and soak segments per profile and high and low-temperature alarms.   This unit features a PID autotune, which automatically tunes and optimizes the Proportional Band (P), the Integral time (I) and the Derivative rate (D).

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Product Options


Part No.DescriptionPrice
0017-5548High Stability PID Digital readout Temperature Controller 115 volts$2340.00
0017-4804Same as 0017-5548 but 230 volts, CE marked$2340.00

Thermocouple Guide

Type JIron Constantan-100°C – + 872°C
Type KChromel Alumel0°C – + 1370°C
Type TCopper Constantan-100°C – + 400°C