Wire Grid IR Polarizers are useful for enhancing sensitivity in grazing angle measurements using specular reflectance accessories and for molecular orientation studies.

Polarizers attenuate radiation from polarized lasers, polarize radiation from unpolarized lasers and can be used in pairs to both polarize and attenuate. ICL wire grid polarizers are available for wavelength ranges from 3µm to 15µm.

These wire grid polarizers are created by etching sub-micron spaced grooves (2400 grooves per mm) using holographic methods. Each polarizer is mounted in a protective 5mm thick anodized aluminum ring that protects both faces of the polarizer. The outside diameter (OD) of the 25mm polarizer is 25mm with a clear aperture of 18mm. The OD of the 50mm polarizer is 50mm with a clear aperture of 34mm.

ICL’s 25mm wire grid IR Polarizers are available with 360° rotation stage holders that are mounted on 2″ x 3″ backplates. These rotating mounts render the polarizer suitable for use in any FTIR or IR spectrophotometer simply by sliding the mount containing the polarizer into the instrument’s standard 2″ x 3″ slide mount fixture. The polarizer, which is itself permanently mounted in a black anodized aluminum ring, is easily inserted into and removed from the rotating holder without touching the face of the polarizer. When ordered with a mount, polarizers can be installed in the mount prior to shipping on customer’s request.

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Material Properties


Typical Extinction Ratio100:1250:1100:1300:1100:1300:1100:1200:1
Wire Grid Spacing2400 Grooves/mm2400 Grooves/mm2400 Grooves/mm2400 Grooves/mm
Parallelism<= 3 arcmin<= 3 arcmin<= 3 arcmin<= 3 arcmin
Substrate Thickness2mm nominal2mm nominal2mm nominal2mm nominal
Ring Thickness5.0mm +/- 0.1mm5.0mm +/- 0.1mm5.0mm +/- 0.1mm5.0mm +/- 0.1mm
Dimensonal Tolerance+/- 0.5mm+/- 0.5mm+/- 0.5mm+/- 0.5mm
Damage Threshold10W/cm² CW
10KW/cm² Pulsed
10W/cm² CW
10KW/cm² Pulsed
10W/cm² CW
10KW/cm² Pulsed
10W/cm² CW
10KW/cm² Pulsed

Product Options


Part No.DescriptionPrice
0009-516525mm KRS-5Wire Grid Polarizer$3370.00
0009-842950mm KRS-5Wire Grid Polarizer$4634.00
0009-516925mm CaF2Wire Grid Polarizer$2678.00
0009-843250mm CaF2Wire Grid Polarizer$3507.00
0009-517025mm BaF2Wire Grid Polarizer$3063.00
0009-843050mm BaF2Wire Grid Polarizer$4210.00
0009-517125mm ZnSeWire Grid Polarizer$3063.00
0009-843150mm ZnSeWire Grid Polarizer$4462.00
0009-5172360° Rotation stage with 2″ x 3″ backplatefor mounting 25mm IR polarizer in any IR or FTIR spectrophotometer$403.00