ICL Precision™ Dispenser & Flow Cell Adapter

The ICL Precision™ Dispenser has been designed for use in a broad range of analytical applications requiring a simple low cost means of dispensing fluids with extreme accuracy – better than 1%. The Precision™ Dispenser can handle volumetric dispensing of aqueous solutions, solvents and acids. The units feature low dead volume valveless piston action and synchronous motor drives.

All PTFE surfaces eliminate the concern of cross contamination. Cleaning is easy using the three position Forward-Off-Reverse switch for control of flow direction; simply back flush the system with solvent in the reverse mode and you are ready for your next sample.

The Precision™ Dispenser has the capability to function in a single fill or continuous mode, permitting the user to perform static or flow-through analysis. The three speed motor assembly provides a choice of 150, 300 or 600 strokes per minute in the continuous mode by means of a simple belt change. Dispense range is from 0 to 100 microliters. The Precision™ Dispenser comes complete with a PTFE pump kit.

An optional connector kit with male luer lock adapters is available to connect to standard IR liquid cells and flow through top plates for horizontal ATR’s (see Basics™ Constant Purge™ Horizontal ATR). The connections system consisting of luer locks, PTFE tubing, nuts and Tefzel® ferrules can be used to
convert any standard IR liquid cell into a flow cell (to convert a liquid cell to a flow cell order Catalog No. 0007-5139 with the dispenser; if not ordered with a dispenser or for extra flow cells, order 0007-5139 and either 0007-5137 or 0007-5138). The convenient finger tight connections offer assured seals and facilitate quick and easy assembly or disassembly. When using sealed liquid cells such as the ICL Model SL-3 (pictured with the Precision™ Dispenser), ICL recommends pathlengths 0.1mm or greater.

Electrical: 110VAC, 60Hz, 8.5watts, synchronous 150, 300, 600rpm with a 3 prong power cord. RFP for 220VAC. Dimensions: 5” x 5” x 4” wide. Shipping Weight: 6 lbs.

High Pressure Sealed Liquid Cells & Flow Cells

Our SL-3 and purgeable SL-4 sealed liquid cells have been modified for flow applications that apply much higher pressures to the seals and windows of the cell than would be applied to a sealed liquid cell under normal filling conditions. See Filling Sealed Liquid Cells. These cells are available with all window materials on request, but we recommend using ZnSe and ZnS with 0.1mm pathlengths. The cells are reinforced with high strength seals which are external to the sample cavity and will not cause contamination. Both the ZnSe and ZnS SL-3 cells are rated for 35 psi with a pathlength of 0.1mm while the SL-4 is rated for 60 psi. Before shipment, all cells are pretested for leaks at the rated pressure. Fringing is also calibrated within a limited fringe amplitude range that is sufficient to permit accurate cell calibrations while minimizing interference with analysis. Tubing connections can be demountable or permanent.

The luer lock version (on the right), is demountable and employs our standard conversion kit to add the flow cell connections to the cell’s standard luer lock filling ports. The conversion kit comprises a male luer lock assembly and a compression fitting with a Delrin® nut and a Tefzel® ferrule which clamps the tubing in place. Using these adapters gives the cell the versatility to be used both as a flow cell and as a sealed cell to be filled by normal means with a luer lock syringe and facilitates easy removal and attachment of tubing by simply twisting the male luer lock connection onto or off of the female luer lock filling port on the cell. The luer lock version can be used with both 1/16” OD and 1/8”OD tubing. The permanent flow connection version uses brass fittings with small hose barbs which attach to 3/32” ID tubing, and is designed for applications where it will be used only as a flow cell. The purgeable SL-4HPF is available only with demountable luer lock tubing connection adapters.


SL-5 E-Z™ Flow Cell

Our Model SL-5 E-Z™ Flow Cell is available in both sealed and demountable liquid flow cell configurations. The SL-5 E-Z™ Flow is made from stainless steel and features a Delrin® optical alignment cavity which, in the demountable version, precisely positions either a sandwich cell or the windows, spacers and gaskets in proper alignment with the cell filling ports. The cell features removable and replaceable compression nut and ferrule assemblies that hold the tubing in place. The standard nut is Delrin® and the standard ferrule is Tefzel®. However, stainless steel nut and ferrule assemblies are available. The cell can be used with both 1/16” OD and 1/8” OD tubing, and tubing diameters can be changed simply by removing the ferrule and nut assembly and inserting an inexpensive replacement. Special order high pressure versions of this cell are also available.

Sealed Micro Flow-Through Cells

The sealed Micro Flow-Through Cell is ideal for the continuous analysis of liquids. The cell body and tubing leads are made of nickel alloy.

Two 13mm x 2mm windows are permanently amalgamated to each other to ensure a positive leak-proof seal. The Sealed Micro Flow-Through Cell is supplied complete with the cell body, leads, and cell mounting plate.


Heated Variable Pathlength Cell

The heated variable pathlength cell can be heated to 200° C and comes complete with a programmable ramp and soak temperature controller with RS-232 serial cable computer interface (0017-5548). The cell back plate is water cooled and the body is insulated as is the vernier scale adjustment on the front of the cell to enable in-situ variation of pathlength while the cell is hot and fixtured in the sample compartment of an FTIR instrument.

This cell is based on our well proven Variable Pathlength Liquid Spectrophotometer Cell.

The cell consists of a cylindrical stainless steel chamber containing parallel windows. The pathlength may be continuously adjusted from 0.05mm to 5mm and reproduced within 0.001mm (1 micrometer). A vernier scale provided on the cylinder permits the cell pathlength to be read within 0.0005mm (0.5 micrometer). In order for weaker absorption bands of many liquids to appear with the proper intensity, the stronger bands will be totally absorbed and their exact location thus obscured. In these situations, the Variable Pathlength Cell may be precisely adjusted to provide just the right intensity for exact location of both weak and strong bands.

To learn more, visit our catalog for IR liquid cells.