AgBr, Material Properties
AgCl, Demountable Cell
AgCl, Crystal Windows
AgCl, Material Properties
AgCl, Pressed Windows

Agate Mortars & Pestles
Agate Vial & Ball Pestles
Air Dryers, for Purge Gas
Air-EZ™ Press
ATR, Accessories
ATR, Crystals
ATR, HATR Flow Top Plate
ATR, Heated HATR Top Plate
ATR, Horizontal
ATR Plates
ATR, Prisms
ATR, Single Bounce
Auto Presses
Base Plate, Polypropylene for Desiccator
Basics™ HATR
Basics™ Reflection Kit
Ball Pestle, Agate
Ball Pestle, Polycarbonate
Ball Pestle, Stainless Steel
Barium Fluoride (BaF2), Material Properties
Barium Fluoride (BaF2), Windows
Beamsplitter, KBr
Beta Cell Kit, Demountable Cell
Blanks, Crystal
Borosilicate Glass
Cadmium Magnesium Telluride (CdMgTe)
Cadmium Manganese Mercury Telluride (CdMnHgTe)
Cadmium Manganese Telluride (CdMnTe)
Cadmium Telluride
Calibration, Polystyrene Film for
Cards, IR Sample
Cards, Econo Cards
Cards, Sample Mounting
Cell Mixers
Cells, Black Masked
Cells, Cleaner—UV/VIS/NIR
Cells, Cleaning of —UV/VIS/NIR
Cells, Cuvettes ( Fused Silica)
Cells, Cuvettes (Glass)
Cells, Demountable —IR
Cells, Demountable —UV/VIS/NIR
Cells, Diamond
Cells, Disposable
Cells, flow—IR
Cells, flow—UV/VIS/NIR
Cells, gas
Cells, heated
Cells, high pressure
Cells, liquid


Cells, micro—IR flow
Cells, micro—UV/VIS/NIR
Cells, mounts
Cells, rack
Cells, reconditioning
Cells, stirrers
Cells, Semi-Micro—UV/VIS/NIR
Cesium Iodide (Csl), material properties
Cesium Iodide (Csl), crystal windows
Cleaning, optics & crystals (Opticlear™ solution) 
Cleaning, optics & crystals (Polishing Kit) 
CO2 laser optics
CO2 laser protective windows & lenses
Compression cell, diamond (EZ Squeeze) 
Constant Purge™
Crystals, polishing kit
Crystals, blanks
Crystals, cuttings from
Crystals, polished
Crystals, unpolished
Cuttings, crystal
Cuvettes—see cells UV/VIS/NIR
Cuvette block
Cuvette holder
Cuvette mixer
Cuvette mounts
Cuvette stirrer
Cuvette rack
Demountable cells, cuvette style
Demountable cells, IR
Demountable cells, UV/VIS/NIR
Desiccator, for optics, KBr powder & cells
Desiccator, base plate for
Diamond compression transmission cell
Dies, Intrinsic dissolution testing
Dies, KBr pellet
Dies, Briquetting
Dies, Pharmaceutical active ingredients
Dies, stainless steel
Dies, tungsten carbide
Dies, water jacketed
Diffuse Reflectance, accessories
Digital Wig-L-Bug
DRIFT ( see diffuse Reflectance)
Econo Cards, for KBr pellets
EPA 413.2 & 418.1
E-Z Press™
E-Z Squeeze™, diamond cell
Evacuable KBr die sets
Eye droppers

Finger cots
Flow cells, high pressure
Flow cells, IR
Flow cells, micro IR
Flow cells, micro UV/VIS/NIR
Flow cells, UV/VIS/NIR
Flow ATR top plate
Fluorolube®, for mulls

Fused Silica windows, IR grade
Fused Silica (IR Grade), material properties
Fused Silica (UV Grade), material properties
G-2 gas cell—5 & 10cm
Gas cells, heated
Gas cells, long path
Gas cells, stainless steel
Gas cells, PTFE
Gaskets, for cells
Germanium (Ge), material properties
Germanium ATR Prisms

Grinding compound
Heat, control of
Heated HATR top plate
Heated cells
Heated gas cells
Heated liquid cells
Heated Solids, cells
Heated Variable Pathlength Cell
High Energy Universal Sampler HATR
High temperature cells
High pressure cells
High pressure flow cells
Horizontal transmission accessory
Hydraulic presses
Hydrocarbon testing
Hydrocarbon Test Kit, EPA 413.2 & 418.1
Internal reflection prisms
Intrinsic Dissolution testing apparatus 
IR cards, cover slides for
IR cards, for KBr pellets
IR cards, mounts for
IR cards, polyethylene & PTFE
IR cards, 3M®
IR cards, Real Crystal®
Kits, Hydrocarbon testing
KBr beam splitters
KBr IR cells
KBr IR cards
KBr material properties
KBr pellet dies
KBr pellets, instructions for making
KBr pellets, paper inserts to form
KBr pellets, magnetic holders for
KBr powder
KBr random cuttings
KBr Real Crystal® IR Cards
KBr windows
KCl optics material properties
KCl powder
KCl random cuttings
KCl Real Crystal® IR Cards
KCl windows
KRS-5, windows
KRS-5, ATR Prisms
KRS-5, material properties
Laboratory Presses
Lens Savers®
Lenses, CO2 Laser 
Liquid Cells, see specific type
Liquid Cells, cuvette style
Liquid Cells, demountable
Liquid Cells, flow cells IR
Liquid Cells, high pressure
Liquid Cells, micro IR 
Liquid Cells, sealed IR
Little-Press™KBr pellet Press
3M® cards
Macro-micro KBr pellet die
Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2)
Metering pump, for flow cells
Micro cells, cuvette style
Micro flow cells, cuvette style
Micro flow cells, IR
Micro Quik Cell, demountable cell
Mini-Arbor KBr Pellet Press
Mini “D” II diffuse reflectance accessory
NaCl IR cards
NaCl IR cells
NaCl pellet dies
NaCl powder
NaCl random cuttings
NaCl Real Crystal® IR Cards
NaCl windows
Nujol®, for mulls
Oil analyzer
Optics price list
Optical materials, selection guide
Optical materials, transmission chart 
Optics, see “Crystals”, “Prisms”, “Windows”
Paper inserts, for KBr pellets
Parallelogram, ATR prism
Pharmaceutical active ingredients testing apparatus
Platens, 4″ Dia. 316SS

Plugs, for IR cells (stoppers)
Plugs, PTFE for cells

Plugs, for UV/VIS/NIR cuvettes (stoppers)
Pneumatic presses
Polarizers, IR
Polishing kit, crystals
Polyethylene IR sample cards
Polyethylene Sheets
Polystyrene vial
Potassium Bromide (See KBr)
Potassium Bromide, crystal windows
Potassium Bromide optics, material properties
Potassium Bromide powder
Potassium Chloride, crystal windows
Potassium Chloride, material properties
Potassium Chloride powder
Powder, KBr
Powder, crystal materials
Precision Demountable Cell
Precision Dispenser, metering pump
Pres-N-Lok, demountable cell
Presses, automated
Presses, hydraulic
Presses, KBr pellet—hand
Presses, KBr pellet—hydraulic
Presses, pneumatic

PTFE, gaskets
PTFE, IR sample cards
PTFE, spacers
Purge gas generators
Purgeable liquid cells
Quick Press, KBr pellet press 
Random cuttings, halide crystals
Reaction chamber, for ATR sampling
Real Crystal® IR Cards
Reconditioning – ATR Plates
Reconditioning – Cells
Reconditioning – Oil Flow Cells
Reconditioning – Windows & Optics
Rods, ATR
Sandwich cells, IR sealed cells
Sapphire, material properties
Scissors, laboratory
Sealed liquid cells
Shears, laboratory
Silver Bromide, crystal windows
Silver Bromide, material properties
Silver Chloride, crystal windows
Silver Chloride, material properties
Silver Chloride, pressed windows
Single bounce HATRs
SL-2, demountable cell
SL-2, sandwich cell for
SL-2, sealed liquid cell
SL-3, sandwich cell for
SL-3, sealed liquid cell
SL-3 HPF, high pressure flow cells
SL-4, demountable cell
SL-4, sealed liquid cell
SL-4P, purgable sealed liquid cell
SL-5, E-Z ™ Flow, IR flow cell
Sodium Chloride (see NaCl)
Sodium Chloride, crystal windows
Sodium Chloride, material properties
Sodium Chloride, powder
Spectrograde™ powder
Spatulas, PTFE coated stainless
Spatulas, cuvettes stirring
Spectro Cell Rack
Specular reflection accessory, 30°
Specular reflection, grazing angle
Split Pea™ HATR
Spoon arm, for Wig-L-Bug
Spoon arm brace, for Wig-L-Bug

Square Cuvette Holder
Stainless steel vial & ball pestle
Stainless steel insert, vial & ball pestle
Table top presses
Temperature controller
Terms & Conditions
Thallium Bromoiodide – material properties
Thallium Bromoiodide, windows
Thallium Bromoiodide, ATR Prisms

Transmission spectrum, KBr
Transmission spectrum, KCl
Transmission spectrum, NaCl
Transmission spectrum, PTFE IR Card
Transmission spectrum, PE IR Card
Transmission spectrum, 3M® Cards

Trapezoid, ATR prism 
Tungsten carbide anvils
Tungsten carbide dies

Unpolished Crystal blanks
UV/VIS/NIR, cells & cuvettes—disposable
UV/VIS/NIR, cells & cuvettes—fused silica
UV/VIS/NIR, cells & cuvettes—quartz
UV/VIS/NIR, cells & cuvettes—accessories
UV/VIS/NIR, cell covers & caps
UV/VIS/NIR, cell mounts

UV/VIS/NIR, plugs for
UV/VIS/NIR, cell racks
UV/VIS/NIR, holders for cells & cuvettes
UV/VIS/NIR, cells—stirrers for
UV/VIS/NIR, cells—stoppers for

Variable path cell, IR liquid cell
Vial Adapter—Wig-L-Bug
Vials, for ball pestles
Vials, agate— for ball pestle

Variable Pathlength Cell, Heated

Vials, polystyrene—for ball pestle
Vials, stainless steel—for ball pestle

Volatiles cover, HATR
Volatiles cover, Real Crystal IR Cards
Water Jacketed Dies
Wig-L-Bug, digital
Windows, polished
Windows, unpolished blanks
 Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) material properties
Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) windows
 Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) ATR Prisms
 Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) lenses, CO2 Laser
 Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) – material properties
 Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) windows
 Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) ATR Prisms