Mini-Arbor Desk Top KBr Pellet Press

This press is an arbor style press which uses the same 7mm, 4mm and 2mm die sets as are utilized with ICL’s Quick Press and Port-A-Press™. By placing the press on a surface at desktop height, the operator’s full upper body weight can be brought down on the press handle. Using the leverage of the handle, the pellet is formed from the pressure created on the die set by the application of force to the handle. The press weighs only 11 pounds and is easily moved around the lab. The components that contact the die set are stainless steel.

E-Z™ Quick Table Top KBr Pellet Press

The E-Z™ Quick Table Top Press operates on the same toggle action principle as our Quick Press. By mounting the press vertically and providing a table top mounting platform, we have made it easier to compress a KBr pellet and easier to open the press and remove the pellet.

Vertical mounting enables the use of body weight and shoulder muscles, so the E-Z™ Quick requires minimal strength to operate. When the base is attached to a bench it is easier to open then a hand press, and pushing a small lever ejects the die set. There is a dial indicator to enable reproduction of force settings from pellet to pellet. The press is constructed from Stainless Steel, chrome plated steel and anodized aluminum for long corrosion-free service. The E-Z™ Quick Press uses the same 7mm, 4mm and 2mm die sets that are used in ICL’s Quick Press and Port-A-Press™.

Port-A-Press™ KBr Pellet Die Kit

ICL’s Port-A-Press™ is the most economical, full-scale, KBr pellet press on the market, and it produces pellets that are as transparent as those made with a 12 ton hydraulic press. It uses a torque wrench to permit the user to apply the same amount of pressure from pellet to pellet thereby facilitating reproducibility of results. The square frame of the Port-A-Press™ can either be inserted in a bench mounted vise or in the channel shaped holder provided with the press (shown in photo) which can be mounted to a work bench.

The press can also be operated by laying the frame on the edge of a table and holding the frame with one hand while the torque wrench is tightened with the other hand. Pressure is applied to the die set as the threaded lead screw and toggle pad assembly is screwed through the threaded frame using the torque wrench.

The torque wrench easily generates 20 foot pounds of torque without the use of excessive strength, which is sufficient to produce 16,000 lbs/in2 of pressure on the die set. This is the equivalent of 8 tons of pressure and forms a very clear pellet. The anvils of the 7mm die sets are hardened with optically polished faces and use the same aerospace grade of nickel based alloy as the Quick Press with which they are interchangeable. The dies are loaded in the same manner as the Quick Press die sets.

Quick Press KBr Pellet Kit

The Quick Press is a hand press for making transparent KBr pellets (discs) with diameters of 7mm, 4mm or 2mm. The Quick Press uses the principal of toggle action to apply very high pressure with minimal force. The KBr pellet is formed using only the pressure of a firm handshake applied steadily to the handle. The KBr powder/sample matrix is poured into the hole in the stainless steel collar into which the shorter of the two anvils has first been inserted. The longer second anvil is then inserted in the collar and the assembly is placed into the press handle.

Pressure is applied to the sample by squeezing the handle. When the anvils are removed from the collar the KBr pellet is retained inside of the collar. The collar is then simply mounted in a “V” shaped holder that will fit into the standard 2″ x 3″ slide mount of any spectrophotometer. After the sample has been analyzed the pellet can be rinsed out of the collar with water or it can be ejected and saved using the long anvil and the optional pellet extractor. The Quick Press comes with a 7mm die set.

There are optional 4mm and 2mm dies. The anvils of the 7mm die sets are made from hardened aerospace grade nickel based alloy. The face of each anvil is optically polished to a scratch free mirror finish. Optional packages of ten (10), twenty (20) or thirty collars (30) are available as extra sample mounts. Two (2) piece collars with 13mm (1/2”) diameter sections are available for mounting in automated carousels. The die sets are interchangeable with those used in ICL’s Port-A-Press™ (Part No. 0012-188) and Mini-Arbor desk top press (Part No. 0012-6904). There is an optional combination pellet extractor/ KBr funnel. ICL dies can be used in Spectra-Tech, Wilmad, Pike, P-E and Buck hand presses.