International Crystal Laboratories offers a wide range of demountable IR liquid cells, cell kits and film holders for your spectroscopy needs.

Precision Demountable Cell

The Precision Demountable Cell is ideal for mulls, capillary films, cast films and thin films of finely powdered solids in slurry form. The cell can also be used for IR liquid analysis with its luer syringe fittings. The cell is constructed of stainless steel and is designed for easy assembly and disassembly for cleaning and changing the pathlength. It can be completely disassembled for cleaning simply by unscrewing the convenient thumb screws on the front plate of the cell.

The pathlength can be changed simply by using a spacer with a different thickness between the windows or by using sandwich cells. These cells can be used with sandwich cells for a precision sealed pathlength. The window size is 38.5mm x 19.5mm x 4mm.

The inside surfaces of the cell are lapped optically flat to ensure leak free seals. The clear aperture for the dispersive cell (rectangular) is 22mm x 10mm and the clear aperture for the FTIR cell (circular) is 16mm. An adapter ring (0006-4152) may also be purchased to convert the cell to accept 25mm x 4mm windows. A Delrin Optical Alignment Cavity (0006-9530) is available to aid in properly positioning and aligning rectangular windows, gaskets and spacers.

The Precision Demountable Cell comes complete with a stainless steel holder, assorted spacers, gaskets and instructions, but without windows.

Pres-N-Lok Demountable Cell

ICL’s Pres-N-Lok Cell enables the user to analyze mulls and smears without the use of clumsy springs, nuts, and bolts. The cell is assembled by placing the sample on one (1) of two (2) 25mm x 4mm crystal windows separated by a PTFE spacer, dropping them into the bore of the inner barrel, and pressing in the outer barrel. The cell consists of a back plate of anodized aluminum, a self locking inner barrel with a Viton® O-ring over which the outer barrel slips on and off with ease, and assorted PTFE spacers.


Demountable SL-2 Cell Kit

The Demountable SL-2 is the same as the SL-2 sealed precision liquid cell, except that the amalgam seal has

been replaced by a demountable PTFE spacer and gasket. The window size is 32mm x 3mm. These cells are ideal for analysis of mulls, films, viscous liquids and samples that may react with an amalgam seal.

The Demountable SL-2 Cell Kit comes complete with the cell and holder unit for FTIR or dispersive, one PTFE O-ring, two gaskets, one aluminum needle/pin plate with luer lock syringe ports, two PTFE plugs, one space compensator for use with 2mm thick optical windows and assorted 32mm spacers, but without windows. The cell body can also be used with sealed sandwich cells if precision pathlengths are required.

DM-1 Demountable Cell

The DM-1 Demountable Cell is a low cost, demountable mull cell that is similar in function to the Pres-N-Lok, (0006-2467). It uses smaller inexpensive 30mm x 15mm x 4mm windows. It is ideal for use by students. The cell can also be used with a single 8mm thick window for fringe free FTIR backgrounds or in the compensating beam of a dispersive spectrophotometer. Inside surfaces are lapped optically flat for leak free seals. The DM-1 comes complete with a stainless steel cell mount, assorted spacers, gaskets and assembly instructions, but without windows.


Beta Cell Kit


At ICL we’ve eliminated the nuts, bolts, and springs of the conventional designs with our Beta Cell Kit

Assembly is accomplished by placing the sample between two crystal windows, separated by a spacer, dropping these into the hex holder and advancing the single threaded retainer until the assembly is sealed. Uses inexpensive 25 x 4mm windows



Micro Quik Cell

The Micro Quik Cell consists of a threaded, two (2) piece body and two 13mm x 1mm silver chloride (AgCl) circular windows of a special design. The windows fit into one portion of the cell and the second portion of the cell is then engaged to form a seal.

The cell pathlength can be varied from 0.025mm to 0.05mm by positioning the windows as shown in the diagram. The AgCl windows measure 13mm diameter x 1mm and each contains a 0.025mm circular depression. The rim of the window is flat and the circumference is beveled to ensure proper sealing. AgCl flows slightly under pressure, permitting a tight seal to be formed. Cell comes complete with slide holder, cell body and six AgCl windows with 0.025mm depression.