Random Cuttings – Chunks of KBr & KCl

Keep your powder dry! And clean. Grind your own from random cuttings of ICL’s own pure crystal boules. We provide only the cleanest and highest transmission materials, free from spurious absorption bands.

To learn more, visit our catalog for crystal cuttings for grinding.

Product Options


Part No.DescriptionPrice
0002-2498KBr Random Cuttings – 1 pound$471.10
0002-2499KCl Random Cuttings – 1 pound$406.60
0002-4539KBr Random Cuttings – 100 gms$145.60
0002-4538KCl Random Cuttings – 100 gms$146.60
0002-4503CaF2 Random Cuttings – 1/2 pound$769.00
0002-4523CaF2 Random Cuttings – 1 pound$1401.00
0002-4534Cleartran Random Cuttings – 1/2 pound$868.00