ICL’s new RoHS compliant Model SL-15 sealed liquid cell (patent pending) features a unique sealing system employing  fluoropolymer seals which enable us to produce precisely calibrated cells that completely eliminate mercury and lead amalgam seals from the fabrication process.   These cells are fully compliant with RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.  The SL-15 can be employed in any general  lab application, but the seal system is so robust that it is also suitable for high internal pressure environments such as flow cells used for viscous samples like oil.  Where there are internal cell pressures as high as 40 psi, cells with suitable windows will remain leak free and maintain their path length integrity with long service life.   Cells with windows that are insoluble in water can be pressure tested and certified to the customer’s desired specifications.   Because the cell is so robust, the normal cell filling process that is required to avoid damage to standard lead mercury amalgam sealed cells can be skipped and users no longer have to fear for broken cell seals.  The SL-15 can be modified to accept a number of inlet and outlet connections, but it comes standard with luer lok fittings. There are standard flow cell adapter kits that fit luer lok equipped cells to enable easy conversion of the cells to flow cell tasks.

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