PRESSMODELMax Clamp Force US TonsCatalog No.Daylight 2 OpeningPlaten DiameterHeated Platens AvailabilityRam StrokeFootprint at Base(wxd)Height 3Weight 4CE MarkedPower
E-Z Press™1 ton0012-77602.9"4.0"NO3.125"14" x 10"18.5"50 lbsYESManual
E-Z Press™2 tons0012-74172.9"4.0"NO3.125"14" x 10"18.5"50 lbsYESManual
E-Z Press™12 tons0012-5859>2.9"4.0"NO3.125"14"x 10"15.5"50 lbsYESManual
E-Z Press™15 tons0012-74185.5"4.5"YES3.125"18" x 12"17.5"90 lbsYESManual
E-Z Press™20 tons0012-63065.5"4.5"YES3.125"18" x 12"17.5"90 lbsYESManual
AIR-EZ™15 tons0012-74195.5"4.5"YES


12" x 13"21.75"130 lbsYESPneumatic
AIR-EZ™20 tons0012-64865.5"4.5"YES6.0"12" x 13"21.75"130 lbsYESPneumatic
AIR-EZ™ Low Profile30 tons0012-66245.5"4.5"YES2.44"20" x 15"21.0"151 lbsYESPneumatic
AIR-EZ™ High Profile30 tons0012-66258.25"4.5"YES2.44"20" x 15"21.0"152 lbsYESPneumatic
AIR-EZ™ Low Profile40 tons0012-66275.5"4.5"YES2.38"20" x 15"21.0"153 lbsYESPneumatic
AIR-EZ™ High Profile40 tons0012-66288.25"4.5"YES2.38"20" x 15"21.0"155 lbsYESPneumatic
E-Z Press™ Low Profil30 ton0012-62665.54.5YE2.4420" x 1521.0126 lbsYESManual
E-Z Press™ High Profile30 tons0012-65498.25"4.5"ES2.44"20" x 15"21.0"129 lbsYESManual
E-Z Press™ Low Profile40 tons0012-66295.5"4.5"YES2.38"20" x 15"21.0"126 lbsYESManual
E-Z Press™ High Profile40 tons0012-66308.25"4.5"YES2.38"20" x 15"21.0"126 lbsYESManual
Auto Pellet Press25 tons0012-66677.25"5"NO1.0"31.5" x 22.75"22"400 lbsavailable extra costelectrical 220/110 specify
Auto PelletPress40 tons0012-66687.25"5"NO1.0"34" x 22.75"26"500 lbavailable extra costelectrical 220/110 specify
Auto Column Press15 tons0012-666918"6" x 6"YES6"35" x 20"40"350 lbsavailable extra costManual
Auto Column Press25 tons0012-667116"9" x 9"YES6"37" x 20"43"540 lbsavailable extra costManual
Auto Column Press30 tons0012-667317"12" x 12"YES6"42" x 24"46"850 lbsavailable extra costManual
2 Column Mini "C"12 tons0012-46157"6" x 6"YES5.1"12" x 16"22"125 lbsavailable extra costManual
2 Column Model CHFM1212 tons0012-69524"6" x 6"included5.1"15" x 16"25"275 lbsavailable extra costManual
2 Column Model CH1212 tons0012-598415"6" x 6"included5.1"15" x 16"39"300 lbsavailable extra costManual
2 Column Model C2525 tons0012-667516"9"x 9"YES, see Model CH256.5"19" x 24"42"350 lbsavailable extra costManual
2 Column Model CH2525 tons0012-667612"9" x 9"included6.5"19" x 24"42"425 lbsavailable extra costManual
4 Column Model CH3030 tons0012-667712"12" x 12"included6"32" x 27"43"835 lbsavailable extra costManual


1. Handling charges are added to most hydraulic press prices for crating, packing and export documentation as applicable.

2. For heated presses designated with “CH” suffix with included heated platens, daylight opening has been reduced by the platen size. No daylight adjustment for optional heated platens.

3. Height of the E-Z Press™ and AIR-EZ™ presses is measured inclusive of the lead screw and hand wheel assembly adjusted to the minimum daylight opening.

4. Except for heated presses designated with “CH” suffix, weight is given without heated platens.