ICL offers seven (7) transmission sampling kits for sample preparation.   All of our kits come with custom carrying cases that are molded to the accessories. The GSLT Kit contains everything you need for gas, liquid and solid sampling. There are 24 accessories and over 60 items in the GSLT kit with a retail value of over $1600.00, including a Quick Press with 7mm die set for KBr pellets, a G-2 gas cell with KBr windows, two (2) demountable cells, 18 assorted cell windows and a dozen spacers, Real Crystal® IR cards, PE IR cards and PTFE IR cards, as well as mounting accessories and chemicals such as KBr powder, Nujol® and Fluorolube®. For a complete list of the kit contents, see the chart below. The GSLTH Deluxe Transmission Kit comes with a 12 Ton E-Z Press™ hydraulic press and 13mm die set instead of the Quick Press. The SLT Transmission Kit includes everything in the GSLT Kit but omits the gas cell. The Basics™ Transmission Kit includes 19 accessories for gas, solid and liquid sampling and comes standard with KBr and KCl windows but can be configured at a lower price with NaCl windows. The Student GSLT is intended for use in college and university labs and includes a full range of accessories for gas, solid and liquid sampling and is available at 2 price points depending upon the window materials selected.