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 Wood Intrinsic Dissolution Apparatus

The Wood apparatus for intrinsic dissolution testing was originally developed by Dr. John Wood in 1963. The apparatus enables the calculation of the dissolution rate per centimeter squared of the intrinsic ingredients of pharmaceutical products. ICL has brought its extensive experience in the manufacture of dies and presses for laboratory applications to bear to produce an improved version of the Wood intrinsic dissolution apparatus.

The ICL version of the Wood apparatus, unlike the apparatus that has been available from other vendors, does not contain any hardened steel parts which quickly rust. All parts are made from either 316 stainless steel or a rust resistant high nickel content aerospace grade of steel which has been hardened to 58 Rockwell. The improved materials in the ICL Wood Apparatus eliminate the need to oil the surface plate and the punch when not is use and to remove the oil prior to use. A hole in the head of the punch facilitates removal of the punch from the die by insertion of a small bar. After compressing the intrinsic sample to form the compact with a lab press (see ICL Part No. 0012-8353), the die containing the compact is immersed in a dissolution medium.  The die has a male thread at the top which enables it to be attached to a female threaded holder (supplied) which is mounted on a laboratory stirring device and then immersed in the dissolution medium.

ICL’s 2 Ton E-Z press with a special centering fixture properly aligns the surface plate of the Wood Apparatus in the press.

Part No. Description

Wood apparatus, comprising 1 die, 1 punch (anvil), 1 surface plate and  1 holder. Available with either 4mm or 8mm diameter die. Please specify when ordering.

0012-8393  2 Ton High Profile E-Z Press™

Wood Apparatus base centering fixture, centers 4” x 4” surface plate of Wood apparatus in 2 ton High Profile E-Z Press™


2 Ton High Profile E-Z Press™ with 4” x 4” surface plate centering fixture for Wood Apparatus


Kit, with 2 Ton High Profile E-Z Press™ (0012-8393), base centering fixture (0012-8408), and Wood Apparatus (0012-8404). Specify either 4mm or 8mm die for Wood apparatus.