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Air-EZ™ Air Powered 15 & 20 Ton Automated Lab Presses

The Air-EZ™ laboratory press, adds automation to the patented unibody design that enables ICL to make the E-Z Press™ so light and ergonomic. The press is driven by an elegant and quiet pneumatic motor that runs off of your lab’s compressed air supply or most commercially available air compressors. No physical effort whatsoever is required. The press jacks up to its rated capacity of 15 or 20 tons in a mere 5 seconds. Ports in the walls of the press frame allow access for vacuum lines and electrical cords to the area between the platens, which enables use of the press with evacuable dies or heated platens. The Air-EZ™ lab press is suitable for many lab applications, including KBr pellets and XRF briquettes. It has a footprint that is less than one foot square and weighs only 130 pounds. If you dread pumping up a manual press or crave lab space, this is the solution. Higher tonnage versions are available and the press is available with heated platens and our Precision Thickness Film Maker as a Film Maker Kit.
The 15 and 20 ton Air-EZ™ laboratory presses feature built in polycarbonate safety shields with polished brass hardware and a die centering depression in the round stainless steel bottom platen (see Fig. 1). The press comes with a standard 4" diameter stainless steel filling disc to flatten the platen (see Fig. 2). Optional donut shaped inserts are available to automatically center die sets with a variety of base diameters.
• Automated – propelled by lab compressed air
• No strength required
• Lightweight
• Built-in Polycarbonate Safety Shields
• Small Footprint
• Ergonomic Design
• Unibody Construction
• Access Ports for Vacuum and Electrical Lines
• Adjustable Overhead Lead Screw
• CE Marked

Part No. Description
0012-7419 15 ton Air-EZ™ lab press, with safety shields, shipping weight approx.130 pounds, requires 100 psi, 7cfm, compressed air supply
0012-6486 20 ton Air-EZ™ lab press, with safety shields, shipping weight approx.130 pounds, requires 100 psi, 7cfm, compressed air supply
0012-6681 Film Maker Kit with film maker (0012-4608) 20 ton Air-EZ™ lab press (0012-6486), digital temperature controller and water cooled 4" dia. aluminum heated platens (0012-6664)
0012-6906 KBr Pellet Kit with 13mm die set (0012-2477) & 20 ton Air-EZ™
0012-2477 13mm KBr die set
0012-6633 32mm die set
0011-184 KBr SpectroGrade™ powder, 100 grams
(currently unavailable - please click here for availability)
0012-6636 Die Centering Disc with 3.65" (92.7mm) aperture and 4" OD, centers ICL 20-40mm die sets
0012-6637 Die Centering Disc with 2.15" (54.6mm) aperture and 4" OD, centers ICL and Specac 13mm die sets and ICL and Distek intrinsic dissolution die bases. Also centers any die or device with 2” to 2.10” base diameter
0012-6638 Die Centering Disc with 2.85" (72.3mm) aperture and 4" OD, centers Specac 20-35mm die sets