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Little-Press™ KBr Pellet Die Kit

The Little-Press™ is an inexpensive means for producing quality KBr pellets. The press body is a type 304 stainless steel nut and the anvils are type 316 stainless steel bolts with optically polished ends. It is available in an evacuable version, although heating the sample matrix and the polished anvils before making a pellet will materially reduce moisture effects. Ten (10) packs of Little-Presses are available. The pellet is formed by threading one anvil about half way into the body and then placing the KBr/sample matrix into the threaded hole in the body so that it covers the face of the anvil. Then the body is either mounted in a vice while the other threaded anvil is turned against the stationary anvil on which the sample has been placed, or two wrenches are used to tighten the bolt style anvils simultaneously. The bolts are then removed and the body is placed into a sample holder which is provided with the kit and the holder is inserted into the 2" x 3" slide mount of the spectrophotometer for analysis. The sample is then washed out of the body with water.

Part No.




Little-Press™ Kit, including press body, two type 316 stainless steel bolt style anvils and sample holder



Evacuable Little-Press™ Kit, same as 0012-193 but evacuable



Assortment of ten Little-Press bodies (Nuts) with twenty bolt style 316SS anvils



Package of 2 replacement 316SS bolt style anvils



SpectroGradeKBr powder—100 grams
(currently unavailable - please click here for availability)



Pair of 1/2” Wrenches for Little-Press™



Clamp-on table top vise for Little-Press™