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Demountable SL-2 Cell Kit

The Demountable SL-2 is the same as the SL-2 sealed precision liquid cell, except that the amalgam seal has been replaced by a demountable PTFE spacer and gasket. The window size is 32mm x 3mm. These cells are ideal for analysis of mulls, films, viscous liquids and samples that may react with an amalgam seal.

The Demountable SL-2 Cell Kit comes complete with the cell and holder unit for FTIR or dispersive, one PTFE O-ring, two gaskets, one aluminum needle/pin plate with luer lock syringe ports, two PTFE plugs, one space compensator for use with 2mm thick optical windows and assorted 32mm spacers, but without windows. The cell body can also be used with sealed sandwich cells if precision pathlengths are required.

Part No. Description Price

Demountable SL-2 Cell Kit for Dispersive Instrument, without windows.



Demountable SL-2 Cell Kit for FTIR Instrument, without windows


0006-4122 Cell Holder for Dispersive Instrument w/o Pin Plate $112.00
0006-4124 Cell Holder for FTIR Instrument w/o Pin Plate $112.00
0006-4121 Aluminum Needle/Pin Plate for Dispersive Instrument $72.00

Aluminum Needle/Pin Plate for FTIR Instrument


0001-1466 PTFE Gaskets — 32mm (1 pk/4) $31.00 pk

O-Rings — 32mm (1 pk/12)

$39.00 pk

0001-1413 PTFE Plugs (1 pk/12) $43.00 pk
0002-XXXX Replacement 32 x 3mm crystals Click Here